Lighting, Signs, & Graphics Services

We repair and re-brand various types of signage and banners.

At, South Texas Lighting Services, we pride ourselves in providing well-planned lighting service programs that can provide our clients tremendous cost savings and eliminate unattractive black-outs and energy wasting lamps.

Our expertise and lighting experience allow us to handle any job large or small. We specialize in interior lighting, outdoor lighting, signs, and any emergency issues. We serve the South Texas area including Harlingen, Mcallen, Corpus Cristi and Brownsville.

South Texas Lighting Services

Lighting Services

At, South Texas Lighting Services, we combine our specialty lighting services to deliver exceptional service for our customers. We strive in improving your facility’s appearance.

The proper cleaning of your lighting fixture will increase illumination and save valuable energy dollars. We provide maintenance services for both inside and outside lights with monthly inspection and service contracts to meet your needs.

Make use of our one-time only and 24-hour emergency services.

Signs & Graphics

  • Sign and banner design
  • Installation along with removal
  • Repairs
  • Re-branding of various types of signage and banners

We, at South Texas Lighting Services, not only can produce specialty signs for Texas clients that will meet their unique needs, but we offer a full guarantee on every piece that we produce. Our customers rely on our ability to create quality professional products that creatively display their events, products or services on high-quality materials that will last. We offer twenty-four hours emergency services.

South Texas Lighting Services